Church Cleaning

Church cleaning made easy with Waverley property services. A church can be described as a religious place where hundreds of people visit within a week. It is a must to maintain a clean and tidy environment for the sake of the visitors, worshipers. A church can be highly engaged and occupied with functions and events one after another. Therefore we can provide you with a solution that ensures a clean and tidy environment all throughout the year. Our cleaners are highly motivated and trained properly with required skills and technology so we can deliver an outstanding service for a church facility.

Most importantly we are highly motivated to provide you with a reasonable price and discounts on church facilities. Give us a call or a get a free quote so that you know what we can offer and how reasonable we are.

Our Church Cleaning Services

Chapel Cleaning

Cleaning the prayer room or the worshiping room making it dust free neat and tidy. We use special micro fiber products to make the chapel area dust free making sure minimum dust buildup.

General Cleaning

General cleaning tasks includes removal of garbage bins, dusting, sweeping, general toilet and bathroom cleaning.

Carpet Vacuuming and Steam Cleaning

We guarantee that our cleaners will make your carpets dust free and provide steam cleaning at your request making sure the carpets are odorless and stain free.

Window and Glass Door Cleaning (painted glass doors)

When it comes to a church painted and tinted windows are a unique architectural feature so our cleaners are equipped with modern glass equipment and relevant chemicals to perform an outstanding glass cleaning job making it streak free and stain free preserving its true value.

Tile and Wooden Floor Polishing

We can polish the floors wooden or tiles apart from daily mopping.

Furniture, Chandeliers and Light Fixings

Our cleaners will provide a careful detailed cleaning job with unique elements that are presented inside a church. We use special microfiber clothing and machines to clean those carefully to preserve its quality and nature.

Gutter Cleaning

Regular gutter cleaning is of utmost importance for the durability of your property. We provide professional gutter cleaning services on your request.

High Pressure cleaning

We provide advanced high pressure cleaning services which will remove grime, mildew, mold, graffiti and almost all the unwanted organic and non-organic matter from the surfaces and make them clean and shiny again.

Why Us

Professional,Quality and Reliable services

Our cleaners are supervised by the supervisors regularly to ensure that they provide a Professional, Quality and Reliable Cleaning Service to our clients 24/7.


We make sure that our cleaners have obtained their Police Checks and Work With Children clearances because we want to guarantee a safe environment for the home owners. We have Public Liability Insurance for your peace of mind and security.

Unbeatable price

We offer an unbeatable price and special discounts for Church cleaning services.

Chemical Usage

We use Diversey cleaning products who is a leading provider of smart sustainable cleaning solutions.

We provide special discounts on church and religious properties.

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